- Robert Burns

Amelia Jocelyn is a Scottish singer songwriter brought up on the west coast of Scotland near Glasgow. She has recently released her first album Bonnie Songs From The West Of Scotland which successfully launched in Taunton, Somerset. Amelia can be heard playing venues across central Scotland and is planning to tour the UK next year.


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Enjoying Autumn in the beautiful Taunton #autumn #leaves #ginger

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"My love is like the melody, That's sweetly played in tune"

​Amelia Jocelyn

At the Scottish boat fair today ⛵⚓🚤 #autumn🍁 #boats #scottish #ginger

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Amelia Jocelyn's debut album 'Bonnie Songs From The West Of Scotland' is now available for purchase on this website and for download at iTunes! Featuring songs she grew up hearing and singing, the album is a first insight into Amelia Jocelyn's folk roots. 

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